This program coordinates all NSEA assistance provided to professional educators in securing and protecting their rights. As an NSEA member you are entitled to NSEA staff or attorney assistance or litigation for any incident that results in a job sanction, a grievance, 体罚:与体罚有关的刑事诉讼, 及/或向教育专员投诉.

Some examples in which the NSEA can provide assistance include grievance processing; employment dismissal cases (reduction-in-force, suspension, 解除合同, 合同终止, or non-renewal of contract); responses to reprimands, complaints, and evaluations; and the processing of a claim pertaining to the Educators Employment Liability policy.

有许多警告信号需要注意, 其中许多在下面列出的相应链接中进行了描述. Don't hesitate to discuss any of these signs with an NSEA Organizational Specialist; all questions or concerns will remain confidential. 最好联系NSEA immediately 当问题出现时. Requests for assistance should be made to the area Organizational Specialist or the NSEA Director of Advocacy at 1-800-742-0047.

NSEA member rights services are provided at no additional cost to the member. Such services are provided by NSEA staff members and/or NSEA-retained attorneys, 如果宣传主任认为有必要的话. 

在打电话给NSEA之前,请确保手头有所有相关文件. For instance, 是关于解雇案件的, 请出示学区寄来的通知信. 有严格的时间表必须遵守, so it's important to make contact with an NSEA representative as quickly as possible.

Warning Signs

这里有一些重要的 早期预警信号 你的表现受到质疑;

  • 差的或不太好的评价
  • 收到书面谴责
  • A deteriorating relationship with supervisor, colleague, student, or parent.
  • 对课堂表现或个人生活不满的传闻.
  • 引起紧张或不确定的事件的发生.

这些和其他警告信号要求采取预防措施. 不要犹豫,与NSEA组织专家讨论.

Here are 危机的五个迹象. If one of them ever applies to you, seek help from NSEA at once -- do not talk to anyone else first!

  1. 通知你被指控犯有严重不当行为.
  2. Contact from criminal authorities or social services about allegations of misconduct.
  3. Notification that a complaint has been filed against you with the Nebraska Commissioner of Education.
  4. 雇主正在考虑解雇你的通知.
  5. 对你提起诉讼的通知.

在所有这些危机环境中, 无论大小, 你有作为一个有证书的雇员的权利. 在与任何人交谈之前,立即与NSEA联系!


The following is a list of important documents that should be kept in a file at home:

  • 教学证书
  • 大学成绩单
  • 教学合同/补充合同
  • 与退休福利有关的记录
  • 离职记录(i).e. 疾病,个人的,职业的等等.)
  • 学校相关保险政策
  • 当前和过去的教学计划/作业
  • 工资表和工资安置通知
  • 来自或发给学校管理部门的信件
  • 表扬或谴责的信件
  • 与主管的会议总结
  • 所有专业评估
  • 奖励、表彰或荣誉
  • 出席研讨会/工作坊的记录
  • 家长会议/联系/通信的简要记录

Other important documents to review: the school district's personnel policies; and any general school policies relating to discipline, 体罚, 学生暂停, 查阅学校记录, etc.


It's possible that you will someday receive a certified letter in the mail notifying you that someone has filed a complaint against you with the state Commissioner of Education alleging that you have violated the profession's 'Code of Ethics.“如果发生这种情况,你的教师证书可能会受到威胁. 作为NSEA会员, you have the right to request the services of an attorney to defend you in the matter.

Requests for legal defense in a certification matter should be made to the NSEA Director of Advocacy immediately upon receipt of the notice from the Commissioner. 法律辩护请求被批准的, NSEA/NEA will jointly fund all costs of defense related to the investigation by the commissioner's office -- which includes a hearing before the Professional Practices Commission and before the State Board of Education, 事情应该走到那一步吗.


Please contact an NSEA Organizational Specialist as soon as you are informed of a possible change in the status of your employment. 此类变更可称为:暂停, Nonrenewal, 合同修正案, Termination, Cancellation, 或减员(RIF).


  • Fax the notice to NSEA at (402) 475-2630 immediately and notify the Organizational Specialist. An NSEA staff person or an attorney will either request the hearing for the member or assist the member in doing so. 只有7个日历日(Comm为5天). 学院)收到通知后要求举行听证会.
  • In most circumstances, NSEA representatives will encourage members to request a hearing. This gives the member time to consider the situation and the options for resolution. At a later time, the member can decide to give up their right to a hearing.
  • It is possible that members receiving notices will be offered settlements or buy-outs in lieu of having a hearing. NSEA工作人员在谈判这些计划方面有丰富的经验. Occasionally, such offers are made to members who have not received a notice. 会员应在签署协议前咨询NSEA.
  • Materials needed from the member receiving a notice may include the documents listed under the "专业论文" link, as well as a list of potential witnesses for the member or the program being considered for elimination.



Every year, a large number of NSEA members find themselves in a disagreement with their employers. 这些分歧可能围绕着各种各样的问题, such as proper placement on the salary schedule; assignment of extra duties; receipt of a reprimand; a poor evaluation; perceived harassment; or a myriad of other issues.

你当地的协会, with advice and assistance from NSEA staff is committed to making sure that members' rights under law, 合同和政策受到保护. Efforts to protect these rights can take the form of local or individual concerns, grievances, 向州/联邦机构提出正式投诉, 甚至是诉讼.

如果你有顾虑, 投诉或委屈, it's best in most cases to contact an appropriate representative of your local association for assistance and referral to NSEA, if necessary. If for any reason you need or prefer to contact the NSEA directly, please do so. You should contact either your Organizational Specialist or the Director of Advocacy.